No Place — Anna H. Geerdes
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  • Map or Wall Study. Charcoal on Paper. 40x40cm. 2011
  • Untitled, So far. Oil on Canvas. 180x120cm. 2012.
  • Unknown Map. Oil on Paper on Board. 40x40cm. 2012.
  • The Measured Expression of a Rogue Map. 2012. Oil on Canvas. 180x120cm.
  • The Gaze. Mixed Techniques and Oil on Canvas. 90x105cm. 2012.
  • Pinned Down. Oil on Paper on Board. 40x40cm. 2011.
  • Stones Tied and Floating. Oil on Paper on Canvas. 180x120cm. 2012.
  • Map with Worms and Ruler. Oil on Canvas. 45x45cm. 2012
  • Map with Three Young Leeks. Oil on Canvas. 45x45cm. 2011.
  • Map of the Flies or Random Boundaries. 2012. Oil on Canvas. 45x45cm.
  • Landscape Interference. 2011. Oil on Canvas. 65x65cm
  • Ich und Du. Oil on Canvas. 90x105cm. 2012.
  • Cracked. Oil on Canvas. 90x105cm. 2012.
  • Aspect of Map. Oil on Paper on Board. 40x40cm. 2011.
  • Worm Study. Charcoal on Paper. 2011. 70x70cm approx.

No Place

The paintings in this exhibition originate from both (landscape) observation and imagination.  The Scottish coast and tidal mud flats of the Netherlands are finding their imaginary form in map fragments, and in close scrutiny of the surface: the places where cracks can appear suddenly, where we might or might not glimpse what lies beneath.

“Ou Topos”, the not named, not known, uncontrollable place, the “no-place”. These are the places where things might happen, insights are gained and change is possible.  The surface of the canvas is of course a mere illusionary expression of that desire.

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