News — Anna H. Geerdes
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The end of the Road. 2017. Oil on linen. 60x54cm

The Ground Beneath Our Feet – New Exhibition

Solo exhibition from Anna Geerdes, which presents her new body of paintings, exploring and developing her interest in human interaction with our planet, maps of our land and the nature of the landscape....

Dovehill Studios. 15 East Campbell Street. Glasgow.

Summer Exhibition Dovehill Studios

This summer the artists of Wasps Dovehill Studios in Glasgow are organising a exhibition of their work in the studio building.  Anna Geerdes will be one of the exhibiting artists.  The exhibition starts with an opening weekend on July 8th, 9th and 10th.  Everybody is...

Vents. 2015. Oil on Board. 60x60cm

As Far as the Eye can See

On a morning in November 2012 I woke up and listened to the news on the radio. One short news-item caught my attention:  a small island, Sandy Island, which had been charted for centuries as being located in the South Pacific, turned out to be...

The Measured Expression of a Rogue Map. 2012. Oil on Canvas. 180x120cm.

No Place

The paintings in this exhibition originate from both (landscape) observation and imagination. The Scottish coast and tidal mud flats of the Netherlands are finding their imaginary form in map fragments, and in close scrutiny of the surface: the places where cracks can appear suddenly,...